Latest Tune is called LIVING BACKWARDS -- Listen and Share it at ReverbNation!



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Living Backwards is the latest song, listen or download at ReverbNation!

Get Trippin On You today from CDBaby, or Listen and Share at ReverbNation!

Girl w/the Glowinthedark Veins is the first single from the next album, check it out at CDBaby.

Also available at:
Girl With the Glowinthedark Veins - Single - Guy Ridley

Here's some songs from the Burning My Cashmere CD, available at CDBaby:

I Live in my Head
Nineteenth Morning
Takin a Vacation (From my Medication)
Lost & Found

And here's a few from an earlier release:
Don't Want To
Love Is Never Wrong

... and a demo of something that's too folky for the next CD, maybe it will fit on the one after? Something 4 the Solstice

Here's a fresh set of piano improvisations, uploaded Nov '11 (but recorded in the early 90s): The Ancient Dreamer, and Walking Home